Rolleiflex Standard

I found this Rolleiflex Standard Model 621 at an Antique shop on my way to work. It is actually the last place where I thought I would find such an item. But there it was, staring at me in a way that made me take it home. The same model was used by war photographer and Magnum co-founder Robert Capa during WWII. I hope to give this camera a special life too.

It is a remarkable piece of engineering and craftsmanship: After 83 years it still works as expected. The production date is still visible on the back of the mirror: “6/12.32”. The lenses were fogged and the body had marks of fungi on the inside. This camera has been used (and abused!) until someone decided to abandon it. After a bit of tender loving care, some cleaning agents (it has been re-painted in black in several occasions), a bit of grease and some gentle exercise, it is now fit again, feeling happy among its other family members.

The price? Close to nothing, for what it is. The camera has cost me less than an evening at the cinema. Besides, who is still interested in shooting film nowadays, anyway?.

– Original Standard Rolleiflex Model 621 (1932-35)

– 38.248 pieces produced

– Shutter Compur 1-1/300

– Uncoated Carl Zeiss Tessar 75mm f/3.8 taking lens

– Heidoscop Anastigmat 75mm f/3.1 viewing lens

– Two red windows for either B1 or B2 film (spooling to first frame)

– First model with lever film transport

– Transporting the film does not cock the shutter!