Shooting under the sun

I see photography as a way to connect with people. I aim to establish a bond with my subject, driven by a common objective: to create something beautiful that conveys a feeling.

She and I “met” in Instagram a few years ago. We tried to get together in Barcelona but it did not come out. A few months ago, I decided to give it a try again. She drove over 200 kilometers to meet me at my place. She was brave and strong to make such a decision. She knocked at my door at 17:30. We were discussing the contract details while she was doing the make-up, as we were rushing to enjoy the golden hour. The sun was slowly going down and we wanted to make the most of it.

It was six o’clock and the temperature was close to 40 degrees. The sun was hitting us hard. We were sweating like there was no tomorrow and I was a bit afraid of in-camera light leaks. It was way too hot but we were both strongly engaged making images. Even now, I can feel the heat when I look at the images. This I find fantastic about photography: how many feelings just a single image can bring you back.

The sun was producing strong shadows at the beginning of the session, but slowly turning into that beautiful – golden light, delicately bathing everything in the scene with that glowing yellow colour. We really enjoyed the session at the rooftop, savored the moment, felt the breeze coming from the sea.

At the end of the shooting, around 21h, when the sun was finally hidding behing the mountains, I had an absolutely beautiful feeling that gave me major feels. It is a gift to work with a woman who feels confident, despite not having any previous experience as a model. She feels beautiful in her own skin and stood proudly, elegant and sensual in front of my camera. A remarkable attitude.