Shooting with Naara

I was amazed by how well Naara and I connected. In a few minutes we went from having the classic initial talk to making informal, relaxed images on the bed. Working in such a mood is definitely more productive and it makes for more fun. Unfortunately, it is not like this every time.

A year ago I started looking for models directly out on the street, at the supermarket, at the gym… but most of the time it did not turn out really well: either they felt too shy or insecure to meet someone unknown for a shooting, or they would take my card and disappear forever with a smile. Working with profesional models has advantages, they are used to being before a camera. But it also has disadvantages. Anyway, shooting with Naara was fantastic.

Naara is a dedicated, hard working girl with a surprising charisma. Besides working for Uniko Models, she is a professional illustrator. Naara has Jewish roots and a gentle, very beautiful face.

Basic clothing, natural make-up and lots of good vibes is the summary of this shooting.