Shooting with Nina

Nina and I did a first test shoot that was more a camera marathon than a relaxed shooting. I wanted to try the Mamiya 7 and the Fuji 690, but I was also shooting the Rolleiflex and the Nikon at the same time… Nina came through my torture unscathed and we made it to another session. It was not until that second session that I became slightly satisfied with the photographs.

The way Nina looks at you, the way she pays attention when you speak… She has a nice physique -a charming blond woman with a fit body. But what fascinated me was Nina´s aura. She is smart, curious, gentle and very polite. It is a pleasure to spend time with her.

I thought I could portray all of this on a photograph. However, I could not. There is nothing wrong with that. It only took me sometime to admit it.

The best part of the history is that Nina and I turned up being good friends. You would love her tangerine cake!