Shooting with Alina

In the last months I have been shooting less. My new website took some time to get done and I have spent a few days out in the streets exploring the city with a new camera.

During this time, I have come to realize many things. Specially about my “style” and what direction I want to follow. I  would like to step away from the erotic scene and pursue something more subtle. I would like to make you feel something when you see my photographs, but I do not want to cross the line where the observer becomes excited and forget about everything else in the image. Then, the subject is considered as an object, encouraging sex. I have nothing against sexually driven images. I just want to do something else.

Alina and I met at Bern train station and then walked to the location. The weather was fantastic: no clouds at all in an all-blue clear sky was promising lots of shadows to play with. Alina is a really friendly, open-minded and sensible lady. She has got this “girl next door” touch and a good sense of humor!. We laughed a lot during the shooting.

At the end of the session she looked at the attic and asked if I had left the lights on. The sun was coming inside through a tiny window, creating a beautiful spot to play with. We quickly climbed the ladder and shoot the last roll of film in 15 minutes. That means almost one frame each minute, which is crazy fast for me!