Shooting with Marina Sanchez

I try to arrange a shooting anytime I am in Barcelona. Oscar, the booker, made a great job once more, providing me with different models in a short 24h term. He is really professional – the kind of person you want to be involved in your business.

This time, I was staying at Sonia’s place (a good friend of mine) and she managed to get the keys to the rooftop. What a fantastic place to shoot! Thank you Sonia, you are part of this session. Keep the keys safe!

Marina and I had a short talk on the phone and we made it happen. She came punctual with a little handbag and a big smile. She trains her body at the gym and practice Muay thai whenever she is not working or finishing her studies. Confident, serene, sharp and funny – she has it all.

The feeling of satisfaction and joy and the end of the shooting was real this time. I felt absolutely fulfilled, not having any doubts about the session. I felt I made a small step forward as a photographer. I took me three years to feel this.