Shooting with Ima

I picked her up on a hot, sunny evening at a place near my house, in Málaga. As she hopped on the car, I noticed she was not wearing a bra. I asked her why and she gifted me with the best answer: “Because I do not want any marks to be seen in the photographs”. Normally it is me that asks to take the bra off in advance if we plan to shoot naked. But she was ready!

As usual, I explain all the details about the contract that rules the session and the use of the images. She kept on surprising me, when she told me that a few times, it was her that brought the contract instead of the photographer. So we both fell on the same wave length regarding trust and goodwill. “I will never publish an image you do not like” I said to her. I think this is a very basic statement, that every photographer should have in mind. I do not need to publish all the images. I usually keep some just to myself. And I have no need of feeding my Instagram profile or other social media channels to keep the “likes” coming. It was never the case. Primarly, I shoot for myself.

In such an intime session, you normally need a positive mindset to overcome some obstacles. The idea to get relaxed and achieve the right mood to capture some unstaged, honest images is more easy to say than to realize. As a model, you have to be very comfortable in your own skin. As a photographer, you have to transmit calm and trust and feel very secure about what you are doing and saying. It needs practice, both sides of the equation: model and photographer as well.

This time I was shooting at a location I can almost call home. A very special and intense place charged with beautiful memories and emotions. The light there in the evening is an everyday present and we enjoyed it until the last ray.

Thank you little sister and Romanenco for your inconditional trust and love.