Flying objects have fascinated me since I was a child. From a very early age, I enjoyed building paper aeroplanes and kites. I vividly remember when my mother took me to Hamleys toy store in London for the first time. I was 12. She gave me a twenty pound note and said: “I will be back in one hour.” This was a very special moment for her and for me. My mother taught me English at home and she knew I was ready to fly by myself in an English-speaking context. She felt proud and fulfilled, as I got to know after some years. There was a man at Hamleys entrance, throwing paper aeroplanes that flew back to his hand like a boomerang. I was amazed with them and of course decided to take one home with me.

Back in those days with no digital technology available, the idea of mounting a camera onto a flying object was an unattainable chimera for any kid. In fact, action cameras have invaded the market only recently. I once invested in a handy camcorder with an integrated hard disk storage (40Gb!). I used to mount this camera everywhere, and tried to capture footage in every possible condition: on the bicycle, in the car, skating, in a plastic bag under water, snowboarding… Obviously, the hard disk had moving parts which did not  allow recording in shaky situations. But this was a very exciting time. I presume this was similar to what my father experienced when he got his hands on the first transistor-based computer. Before that, he used to program software for architectural applications using punched cards!

Twenty years later I visited Hamleys again on a trip back from Australia via London, with a great friend of mine. I wanted to show him where my mother used to take me. I saw a small remote control helicopter and bought it. I was 32. Months later, the battery died and I could not fly it anymore.

To be honest I cannot remember how my interest in multi-rotors began but, given the case, it was probably just a natural move. I bought a small quadcopter and started flying indoors. It was very exciting and also quite tricky. The rest, came by itself. I soon found myself building and flying freestyle quadcopters and also shooting more and more aerial videos.